Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Hexi's are made.

 I started Briar Hill quite a while ago and made the centre and then I made other things, you know how it happens. I've been sitting in the evenings making hexi's, hexi's and more hexi's and now that they are made I've 'just' to stitch them to the background. Here is the first strip ready for sewing. The white circles are freezer paper, marking the edge for turning under.

I hung each background strip up on my craft wall and then I pinned on the hexi's flowers and the rounds, mixing and matching the fabrics and colours as I went. The rounds have one, two or three layers. It will hang there while I sew each strip.

This has now become a great 'pick up and go' project.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Working on a project

I received an email from P & B Textiles in July, asking me if I would like to work with some of their fabric. I replied that I normally used Reproduction fabrics but other ranges could be interesting.
This lovely bundle of FQ's arrived in the mail shortly after.

I then had to think of a project using 12 FQ's and remembering the Swoon pattern I had bought last year used FQ's, this worked perfectly with some white fabric from my stash. I tend to buy the same white so I used up all the strips and pieces,  leftovers, from previous quilts.
Here is a photo of my finished top.

and a photo of each block.

I think they all work well together with the variety of colours. The solid colours were a stripe which caused a bit of extra thinking when it came to cutting and sewing the 1/2square triangles but it was all good in the end.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lots and lots of sewing

Most of my project have finished around the same time. I quilted and put the binding on my Bundling Board. It is made with Brushed Cottons and Felted Wools and feels lovely and soft.

My Coxcombs and Stars, a Jan Patek kit given to me by a generous friend, came back from the LAQ and looks absolutely wonderful. I really like how Pam quilted it and after spending quite a few evenings sewing on the binding,[ it's a large quilt] it is finished too. This photo shows half of it, because it is too big and heavy to hold or hang up, I put it over the railing along the verandah.

The Message in a Bottle quilt now has it's final border attached  and will be the next one to go to the quilters'. I hope to find another nice pattern to use some more of my Taupe and Linen fabrics again.

and last but not least my Sutton Grange quilt has only a small bit of sewing left to be done. A couple of the corner pieces to applicate down and it will be finished too. I'm very happy how this one has turned out.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Different fabrics

Working with different fabrics has been a lovely change from the Reproduction fabrics that I normally use. Here it the top finished. A Message in a Bottle.

Maybe I should call it Taupes and Linens.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Working on several items.

As you will see I have several projects on the go. First up is border no 3 for Sutton Grange. It's all prepared and ready for sewing.

These are the pieces for the border, Message in a Bottle, so they are almost all ready to be set on point, joined and attached to the quilt.

I got this one sandwiched this week so it's now  ready to get quilted which I am going to do myself.

and my Big Top quilt came back from the LAQ and I have the binding attached and ready to be sewn down on the second side. I had a large all-over pattern quilted on it. Too many seams and too much to look at with colour to then have it drowned in quilting. I will put up a full photo when the binding is sewn.

Plenty to keep me busy. Have a good week.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Too busy finishing off!

Just had a look and almost to the day it's taken a year to make my Jane Pizar centre.  I started it at a Marg Sampson George workshop and the first photo I have was taken at the end of June 2013. I spent this week quilting it and putting the binding on, even a label. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
Now the next top is a different story. The stars have been in the cupboard about 10 years and I still don't like them, but they came out last week when the Friday Girls at Somerset, [see FB group,] decided to make Lone Star quilts. I'm not a fan of stars but found some fabric in the stash and put these together. Project done. Whew! Now they will be donated for a charity quilt. 

I've also been hand sewing and have the first large cable border for this quilt finished and well on the way to having the right side border sewn too. I'm so much happier when I'm appliqueing.  
Winter has now arrive and with the wind chill was down to 2C yesterday. Brrrr!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Winter ?

We are well into the first month of Winter and the Red Hot Pokers are showing off their beauty. The birds hang onto the tall stems and swing wildly back and forth while they get the nectar with their beaks. The vegie garden in the background is a bit empty just now. Almost time to put the seed potatoes in.
Remembering that it's Winter, I picked Roses today. Shouldn't it then be Spring or Summer? I put them in a vase beside a painting my DD did.


 I'm a member of the sewing group, Friday Girls at Somerset, they are on Facebook too and everyone except me is in the middle of making a Lone Star quilt. I had no notion to make one as I have unfinished Stars in the cupboard from years' ago. They just don't appeal. I took them in yesterday to show the' Girls' and they want me to finish them. Maybe. Later. If you are with Facebook you can have a look at everyone else's Stars.

Onto the more appealing sewing projects. I finished the last 2 blocks of Message in a Bottle.
and spent last night and today joining all the blocks together. I'm really pleased how the Taupes and Linen fabrics look together. Now for the borders.

Enjoy your sewing.