Monday, January 28, 2013

A Change of Needle

I,ve been watching the Aus Open tennis and doing a bit of X Stitching. It's a Stacy Nash pattern which I've had for a while and when finished will be the top of a needle roll. I love the muted colours of the DMC that the pattern uses.

The next is another project that has been around for quite a while. I had most of the tiny blocks cut out ready to sew but I hadn't got any further with it until this week. This version in the Quilter's Companion is smaller than the one in Judie Rothermel's book...

...... and the Cross Bars and Puss in the Corner blocks are 3" finished.
I'm pleased to be able to get these stitched at last.
and this is what our 'lawn ' looks like after all the hot weather. This is just the corner next to the vegie garden and the hose is being used on it and the lemon tree.


  1. Every time I visit your blog, you amaze me with your beautiful quilting and how much you can do. I wish our lawn was burned, but it is covered in snow, lol.


  2. Beautiful cross stitching. I agree, the colours in the first one are very appealing. My lawn has gone from brown to green in what almost seems overnight. We have been lucky to get a lot of rain this week, but not too much like Qld.

  3. I love Stacy Nash patterns!!! Your quilt blocks also look great... as for your lawn... wow!!! just had a moment of hesitation as it is winter here and everything is so green right now!!!! Could be like that in summer time though...

  4. Dorothy, your lawn looks just like mine at present. I tell people from O/s that we grow brown grass in Australia!! Then like magic with a bit of rain it turns back to green. Love your x stitching also.